A company without values is like a ship without a helm. Values are always seen and lived like a prerogative of the individual, but a company, under the right guidance, behaves just like an ‘individual’, so it really does make sense to talk about COMPANY VALUES. We really like them: they speak for us!

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We love our job!
We believe in looking after our customers to the best of our ability, paying close attention to their ‘experience’ in our restaurant. Starting with a smile, we’ll take care of you. We’ll take care of the music, the lighting, the cleanliness, the love for what we do.
We believe that the quality of our products is fundamental in order to reach our objective and to give you a real culinary experience.
We believe a smile is the foundation of life and good mood goes hand in hand with food: if they are both present at the table, magic happens.
Our career as entrepreneurs in the restaurant sector started in ’98 and since then we have never sold water. We have always served micro-filtered water in glass bottles and it’s included in the service. We believe that water isn’t a commodity to be sold!We have never used plastic.No plastic cutlery, cups or plates for takeaways, plastic bottles, straws or any other single-use plastic products.
We believe the heart is always good to use when evaluating the value of our choices. For this reason, since the birth of the Gessetto brand, we have always been inspired by this quote by Castaneda:
\”Every road is but one of a million roads. Therefore you must always bear in mind that a road is only a road.If you feel you don’t have to follow it, you are not obliged to do so under any circumstances. All roads are the same. They lead nowhere. Everything is to ascertain whether that road has a heart or not, it is the only thing that counts. If it doesn’t have a heart, it’s the wrong way.”


Culinary Delights


Our menu features traditional Italian specialties from both LAND and SEA.

The bread and pasta are homemade, like all our desserts. Some of our recipes are registered trademarks, as a sign of great commitment and respect for tradition without neglecting our desire for innovation.

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At Gessetto Ristorante you can taste the traditional flavors of the italian  cuisine.

Fresh egg pasta and filled pasta, typical of the Emilia Romagna tradition, are at the center of our menu which also gives great space to Mediterranean seafood recipes.

Many of our recipes are registered trademark (such as our timeless “tagliatella Gessetto”) with our regulations duly filed.

We prepare fresh pasta, desserts and bread (using untreated flours) ensuring the freshness of a daily production.

For lovers of fresh pasta we suggest the tagliatelle with braised sausage over Sangiovese and squacquerone (the house tagliatella – in fact), the tortellini in capon broth ( in wintertime) and our traditional Bolognese lasagna (with 11 layers of goodness).

For meat lovers we offer excellent carpaccio of carne salada with parmesan fondue as well as main courses of Italian meat such as the rosticciata flambé with wine accompanied by rustic potatoes with rosemary or the slices of beef with pink pepper, as well as a careful selection of cold cuts and cheeses.

For lovers of fish, you can range from traditional appetizers such as stewed baby octopus (from mother Anna’s recipe) or a classic  seafood salad, passing from regional recipes of fresh pasta such as fresh egg chitarrina with clams, Sardinian fregola with seafood or Basilicata cavatelli with mussels and cannellini beans. Among the second courses we propose a variation of the Sicilian recipe for the slice of swordfish breaded with our fragrant bread, a fillet of sea bass caught accompanied by cardoncelli mushrooms from the Murgia or a crispy octopus on a cream of zucchini and Tuscan pecorino.

For vegetarians there is no shortage of tasty dishes such as aubergine flan with tomato cream, fresh spaghetti alla puttanesca, our “ortolano” dish consisting of a mix of vegetables with three different cooking methods as well as several delicious appetizers such as broad beans and chicory  pugliese style, the millefeuille of carasau bread with warm chicory and burratina cheese

Our menu is also suitable for people who love or must eat gluten-free.

These are just a few examples! Come and find out



riga gialla


Our products are an expression of our passion. The bread you find on your table is always freshly baked that very morning. Every two days, we make our egg pasta by hand, still using the traditional recipe of 10 barn eggs per 1kg of untreated flour. Desserts are treats for the spirit and we do our utmost best to lift even the heaviest with our delicious homemade delights! Oil and wine are also of great importance to us, as you can see from our careful selection found in the dedicated section.


riga gialla


We have teamed up with outstanding companies in order to offer you oil and wine of excellence.
OIL: with Frantoio Antonacci to give you a choice of three levels of “fragrance intensity”: intensely fruity; medium fruity; lightly fruity.
WINE: with the certified Italian winery La Casetta, a triptych of wine: white, red and sparkling.


Who we are


In the world of catering since the age of 18, Danilo has gained a vast range of experience, from a barman in 5-star hotels to floor manager in numerous partnerships, including Michelin-star chef Leoni. An Italian cuisine enthusiast who absolutely loves his restaurant and foreign languages.


An entrepreneur in the catering industry since 1998. At just 22, Gaetano opened his first tavern. Expert in effective communication skills and “Food Thinking”, he is frequently involved in training courses. Open minded and approachable he loves pizza and genuine smiles.

An Italian restaurant with a real passion for detail who puts customers at centre place before getting down to the important topic of food. An intimate, cosy space perfect to spend time tasting exceptional Italian specialities, with an emphasis on our regional Emilano Romagnola cusine.

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We are in the heart of the city, in a charming little piazza (Piazza San Martino) which embraces our outdoor dining terrace during the summer months in a truly romantic and vibrant setting.

We are a “young” (maybe I’m exaggerating there slightly) and experienced team and we have worked side by side for years… we love our work and we always strive to do our utmost best!


“Honest food at Honest prices”.


What our costumers say about us

Trademarked dishes ®! TOP!
“We went for lunch, excellent service, very polite and friendly! Speaking about the food, I ordered the tagliatelle gessetto, absolutely delicious! Explosive rich flavours! We also tried the tortino or flan di verdure (I don’t remember the name exactly, sorry) and it was amazing, with strong, bold flavours… but at the same time it was very light. Honest prices. 100% highly recommended!”

Trip Advisor June 2019 – Jack_Okyn – Italy


A pleasant surprise!
“The owners are very nice and helpful, always present and attentive to our every need. The restaurant offers high quality refined dishes, carefully prepared, also esthetically speaking. We had an excellent dinner, finishing with the delicious licorice sweets in the shape of chalk. Reasonable prices. We’ll definitely go back.”

Trip Advisor June 2019 – FDRuggeri – Italy

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Sophisticated, genuine and generous!
“A range of authentic dishes selected from the best Italian regional specialities… at Gessetto the offer is thought out with taste, elegance and creativity, excellent ingredients, and although the presentation is “fancy”, the portions are generous! Exceptional choice of wine, desserts are proof of a true chef, super atmosphere, perfect location, honest prices and impeccable service: try it to believe it!!!”

Trip Advisor May 2019 – Veronica M – Italy


Excellent and cheap
“I have eaten two dinners in this restaurant and I appreciated everything down to the last detail. Professional, helpful and really nice staff, lovely location and their cuisine is well worth a try. We tasted various dishes from appetizers to the desserts, nicely presented and impeccably prepared. Loved the idea of offering water free of charge. Good selection of wines. But the real cherry on the top are the prices, really cheap. It’s my number 1 in Bologna.”

Trip Advisor May 2019 – Hayabusa1600 – Italy




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