riga gialla


An Italian restaurant with a real passion for detail who puts customers at centre place before getting down to the important topic of food. An intimate, cosy space perfect to spend time tasting exceptional Italian specialities, with an emphasis on our regional Emilano Romagnola cusine.



riga gialla


We have teamed up with outstanding companies in order to offer you a top selection of oil and wine.

Especially for you, we have carefully selected a range of oil produced by Frantoio Antonacci with three levels of “fragrance intensity” to choose from (intensely fruity; medium fruity; lightly fruity) and a triptych of wine (white, red and sparkling) from the certified Italian winery La Casetta.



riga gialla


Our training courses are based on the concept of “Food Thinking”. The quality of the product alone isn’t enough. It’s necessary to consider the whole experience  the client lives in the restaurant. We’ll train you to take care of every single detail, both on an emotive and practical level, to learn how to connect with who is in front of you. In addition, there are technical training courses on coffee, wine and time management. Extremely useful and worthwhile!     


The Marchio Gessetto trademark


Gessetto is an original trademark, designed and registered by Gaetano Lanza in 2011 ( The brand is fundamentally based on a fresh perspective on the catering service and the necessary reinterpretation of the relationship between service provider and clientele. The brand was born to identify the need to create a different “position” in the relationship between the two parts.

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