riga gialla


Together with the Pulian oil mill Antonacci, we have created our Marchio Gessetto trademarked oil. We have chosen three variations of monovarietal olives in order to obtain three different flavours, scents and levels of acidity. We have an oil with an intense fragrance (made with Coratina olives), a medium one (made with Peranzana olives) and the third is a lightly fragranced oil (made with Ogliarola olives).
All our oil is strictly Italian and certified as organic.


riga gialla


Our wines are always sourced within Italy with a great predilection for small wine producers, practicing either traditional or organic wine cultivation.
Teamed up with the winery “La Casetta” from Bologna, we have produced our own Gessetto trademarked wine.
G come Gessetto, is our sparkling white, made from Pinot Nero and Chardonnay grapes.
Singolare Gessetto is our 100% Sangiovese. The great local traditional red not to be missed!
Chiaro e Tondo Gessetto is our white. A smooth dry white wine produced from 70% Pignoletto Fermo (still) and 30% Albana grapes.